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Library School Yearbooks

About the School Yearbooks Catalogue

The School Yearbooks Catalogue contains descriptions of several hundred school yearbooks and other student publications produced in Western Canada, with an emphasis on Calgary and southern Alberta. Although most items in the Library collection have not been scanned, they may be accessed in various ways.

Additional Info About the Library

Search Tips

To do a wildcard search use "*" at the end of a string of letters. Example: "cent*" will find Centre, Central, Centennial, etc.

To narrow a search (boolean "and") use "&" between the search terms. Example: "Calgary & college" will find records related colleges in Calgary.

To broaden a search (boolean "or") use "/" between the search terms. Example: "souvenir / chronicle / yearbook" will find records in which one of these terms occurs.

To search for one term but not another use "!" between the search terms. Example: "high ! junior" will find all records related high schools but not junior high schools.

To search by yearbook name, school name or location: remember that computers are absolutely literal! For more successful searching, simplify. Even if you know a school's complete name, if it was entered differently in the database, the computer will not be able to make a match. Try just entering one word from the name or a truncated version of the name (eg. "Crescent" for Crescent Heights High School, or "Normal" to find Normal schools (teacher training schools). You may wish to use the ampersand "&" (and) to link a school's name and location (eg. "Calgary & Central").

To search by year: since the computer can only find dates in the same format that they have been entered, some searches will not be productive even though there are yearbooks in the collection for that date. For example, yearbooks have been entered into the database individually, so a search asking for "1950-53" will not yield any hits, while one specifying individual years will (eg. "1950-51 / 1951-52 / 1952-53"). Also, the computer cannot recognize the terms "1950s", "1950's" or "the fifties" as a proper date. If you are searching for a specific year, enter it fully (eg. "1960" or "1960-61"). If you are unsure of the year, or want yearbooks from several years, use the wildcard "*" to expand your search (eg. 194* to find all yearbooks from the 1940s). To find yearbooks from several decades, use the / ("or") symbol (eg. "197* / 198* / 199*"). To narrow your search, you may enter a name or location and a also a date in the appropriate query boxes.

Search the Catalogue

i.e. 1950 : 1960

Note: use &, /, and ! for and, or and not

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