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Glenbow Museum has recently begun to digitize its art and artifact collections. What you will currently find in this database is a small selection from our art, community history, military history, minerals, world culture and native North America collections. Please check back regularly as we continue to add to this online collection.

The Collections Search is a new and growing online collection of high-quality, digital documentation of works of art and objects. These images represent an example of the 200,000 + items which form the diverse Glenbow collections.

Search Tips

To do a wildcard search use "*" at the end of a string of letters. Example: "ranch*" will find ranches, rancher, ranching, etc.

To narrow a search (boolean "and") use "&" between the search terms. Example: "cowboy & horse" will find records in which both words occur.

To broaden a search (boolean "or") use "/" between the search terms. Example: "boat / canoe / steamship" will find records in which one of these terms occurs.

To search for one term but not another use "!" between the search terms. Example: "moose ! jaw" will find records related to the animal but not the town.

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Enter your search term(s) in the Keywords/Phrase box; or search by Collection Area.

Note: use &, /, and ! for and, or and not

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