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Title: Exterior Study at Night, #12

Date: 2002

Creator: Karin Bubas

Additional Creator Information: Canadian (b. 1976)

Medium: photograph

At first glance, this image could be mistaken for a dimly lit indoor room overlooking a bright view of a sunny exterior through a large window. However, this colour photograph was taken from the back porch of a house at night. Do you see the car hidden behind the porch and the old vinyl covered chair? A closer look through the curtainless window reveals a large, brightly lit room with books and shelves. Beyond, the neighbor's window has plants on the windowsill. This image might feel haunting to the viewer because there are no people in the photograph other than the photographer, but there are many clues that suggest these spaces are inhabited.

Collection Area: Art

Rights Holder: Collection of Glenbow Museum; Gift of Paul E. Bain, 2007

Catalogue No: 2007.111.011

Image No: P0017625

Learn More:
This artwork can be used in conjunction with Place: Transformation and Change education guide from the online teacher's resource series 21st Century Learning: Links to Our Collection.


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