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Title: Calumet: Flippers

Date: 2002

Creator: Leslie Reid

Additional Creator Information: Canadian (b. 1947)

Medium: oil on canvas

This monochromatic painting of a boy in flippers swimming in a lake was probably inspired by a snapshot taken during a family summer vacation. "Monochromatic" means that the artwork is all one colour, or that the artist used slight tonal variations of one colour. Here Leslie Reid uses blue as the main colour of the painting, which is appropriate for the work since most of the surface is water. You can't see the facial expression of the boy, but from his double peace sign hand gesture we can assume that he's having fun. What type of mood does the painting suggest as a whole with its dark blue colours and deep shadows? Does it conflict with the boy's mood?

Collection Area: Art

Rights Holder: Collection of Glenbow Museum; Gift of the Artist, 2007

Catalogue No: 2007.128.003

Image No: P0017650

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This artwork can be used in conjunction with Place: Transformation and Change education guide from the online teacher's resource series 21st Century Learning: Links to Our Collection.


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