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Title: Armchair Tomato

Date: 2006

Creator: Victor Cicansky

Additional Creator Information: Canadian (b. 1935)

Medium: dense foam, UV paint and clearcoat

What do you call a person who watches a lot of television? A couch potato! This funny expression isn't the only saying that refers to vegetables when we speak of doing nothing. For example, we can also say that someone's "vegetating." Do you think the artist used these expressions as inspiration for his Armchair Tomato? In addition to the fun play on words, this glossy, cartoon-like sculpture of a giant red tomato sitting in a life-size blue armchair is also amusing to look at.

Armchair Tomato is fabricated with dense foam covered with a hard coating, then painted with UV paint and protected with Clear coat. This is a relatively new technology that is now being widely used in advertising as well as theme park and zoo architecture. The three-dimensional objects made with this technology can withstand public display indoors or outside. A number of artists are finding it to be a useful medium for the fabrication of art.

Collection Area: Art

Rights Holder: Collection of Glenbow Museum; Gift of the Artist, 2008

Catalogue No: 2008.044.001

Image No: P0016645

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This artwork can be used in conjunction with Place: Transformation and Change education guide from the online teacher's resource series 21st Century Learning: Links to Our Collection.


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