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Title: Breastpiece

Date: mid 20th century

Creator: Unknown

Additional Creator Information: Nehiwyan (Cree) or Anishinabe

Medium: brass beads, glass beads, bone tubes, leather, thimbles, ribbon brass tacks

As I look closely at this breast piece I see that it has all kinds of material in it. It is an interesting mixture of older material and new items used as art.

- Gerry Conaty

Look at the stars they used! This was quite fancy back then. How they must have shone back then. What catches the eye are these - the thimbles. A long time ago this was [special] - well any material that you added on was special because it was an adoption of European material to something that suited the eye and that and looked good and sounded good. Thimbles were usually used for sewing. Perhaps someone got this design through a dream.

- Joe Deschamps

Collection Area: Native North America

Rights Holder: Collection of Glenbow Museum

Catalogue No: AP 2008

Image No: P0017205

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This artifact can be used in conjunction with Nehiwayak: Traditions of the Cree People education guide from the online teacher's resource series 21st Century Learning: Links to Our Collection.


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