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Charles Denney fonds and Metis genealogy files


Physical Description:
41.3 m of textual records. -- ca. 3800 photographs. -- 61 microfilm reels

Charles Douglas Denney, 1901-2002, was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He began teaching in 1920, and taught at various schools throughout Alberta, including in Edson, Tofield, Cereal and New Dayton until 1939. In 1927 he married Mildred Kate Sherlock, 1896-1973, who was also a teacher. They had one daughter, June (Hurd). From 1940 to 1943 he was Supervisor of Cooperatives and Credit Unions for the Alberta government, after which he was an assessor with the federal income tax office, 1943-1951. He started his own income tax and accounting office in Edmonton in 1951. He was very active in the Amisk Waskahegan Chapter of the Historical Society of Alberta, and in 1973 organized the Alberta Genealogical Society. In 1967 he began doing genealogical research on his wife's family, which was descended from several of the Lord Selkirk Red River settler families. The project grew, and by 1985 he had compiled family history files on over 1200 families with roots in Red River, predominantly Metis and fur trade families. In 1974 he married his second wife, Elsie Elizabeth Lillian Wilson Colby, 1906-1996. For further information see Allison Kydd's article "Charles D. Denney : Edmonton's Keen Observer of History Celebrates his 100th Birthday" in Legacy. -- vol. 6, no.1 (Spring 2001), p. 38-39.

Scope and Content:
The fonds consists of family history files of families with Red River and Metis connections (compiled 1967-1985); indexes to the files; genealogical source materials including microfilms of parish and census records from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta; the Denneys' extensive personal and family correspondence, and certificates, teaching agreements, memberships and other personal documents. Includes photographs of the Denney, Colby, Wilson, and Sherlock families; published and unpublished articles and stories by Charles Denney and Elsie Denney; research files; and papers of Elsie's grandmother, Priscilla Gilmour.
RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING METIS/RED RIVER FAMILIES ARE IN THIS COLLECTION. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Adams, Ademer, Agure, Aldrich, Allan, Allard, Allardyce, Allary, Amyotte, Anderson, Andrews, Arcand, Armit, Asham, Atkinson, Auger, Auld, Baby, Bahan, Baille, Ballendine, Bangs, Bannatyne, Bannerman, Barbeau, Barber, Barclay, Baron, Bates, Beads, Bear, Beauchamp, Beauchemin, Beaudry, Beaulieu, Beaupre, Beauregard, Beauvais, Beddome, Begg, Beioley, Belanger, Belcourt, Bell, Bellegarde, Bellehameur, Bellerose, Berard, Bercier, Berube, Beuchain, Bird, Birston, Bisson, Black, Bompas, Bonneau, Borwick, Bottineau, Boucher, Bourassa, Bourke, Bouvier, Bowen, Boyer, Brabant, Braconnier, Brass, Brazeau, Breland, Bremner, Brown, Bruce, Bruneau, Brunelle, Bruyere, Budd, Bunn, Buxton, Cadotte, Calder, Caldwell, Callihoo, Cameron, Campbell, Campion, Camsell, Caplette, Caraconte, Cardinal, Carey, Caron, Carrier, Carriere, Carter, Cavileer, Chaboillez, Chalifoux, Champagne, Charette, Charles, Chartier, Chartrand, Chastelain, Chenaille, Chrisholm, Christie, Clare, Clark, Clarke, Clemons, Clouston, Coates, Cochrane, Cocking, Collin, Collins, Comtois, Cook, Cooper, Corrigal, Corrigan, Costin, Cote, Courchene, Courtepatte, Courtoreille, Coutu, Cowie, Cox, Cromarty, Cummings, Cunningham, Cusitar, Cyr, Daguire, Dahl, Daigneault, Dajenais, Daniel, Dauphinais, Davis, De Caze, Deacon, Dease, Delaronde, Delorme, Demarais, Denig, Dennet, Denning, Dennison, Desauntels, Deschambeault, Descheneau, Descoigne, Descoteaux, Desjardins, Desjarlais, Deslauriers, Desmarais, Demaris, Desnoyers, Desrochers, Desrosiers, Dion, Donald, Drevor, Dubois, Dubreuil, Ducharme, Dufresne, Duma, Dumais, Dumont, Dupuis, Durand, Dyer, Eccles, Edwards, Elder, Else, Enaud, Erasmus, Ermitinger, Fagnant (Fayant), Falcon, Faries, Favel, Ferguson, Fidler, Finlay, Finlayson, Firth, Fisher, Flamond, Fletcher, Flett, Fleury, Folster, Forbister, Forester, Fortescue, Fortney, Foulds, Fournier, Franks, Fraser, Frobisher, Fulcher, Gaddy, Gagnon, Gareault, Gariepy, Garneau, Garrioch, Garriock, Garton, Gaudet, Gaudry, Gauthier, Gervais, Gibbons, Gibson, Gill, Gladman, Gladstone, Gladu, Godin, Good, Gordon, Gosselin, Gouin, Goulet, Gowler, Graham, Grandbois, Grant, Gray, Green, Grieve, Griffin, Grisdale, Groat, Guilbault, Gullion, Gunn, Hackland, Halcrow, Halket, Hallett, Hamelin, Hamilton, Harcus, Hardisty, Hargrave, Hargreave, Harkness, Harkus, Harper, Harriott, Harrower, Hay, Hayden, Haywood, Henault, Henderson, Henry, Herbert, Herchmer, Herman, Heron, Hickenberger, Hodgson, Hogue, Holmes, Hope, Hopper, Houle, Hourie, House, Howse, Hughes, Humphreville, Huppe, Inkster, Irvine, Irwin, Isbister, Jackson, Jannot, Jerome, Joachim, Jobin, Johnston, Johnstone, Jordan, Jourdain, Kauffman, Keith, Kennedy, King, Kipling, Kirkby, Kirkness, Kirton, Klyne, Knight, Knott, L'Esperence, L'Hirondelle, La Libertie, La Pierre, La Plante, Lacerte, Laderoute, Ladouceur, Lafleur, Lafond, Lafourmaise, Laframbois, Lafrenier, Lagimodiere, Lalonde, Lambert, Lamirande, Land, Landry, Lane, Lapointe, Larance, Larocque, LaRose, Latour, Laurent, Lavallee, Laverdure, Laviolette, Lawson, Leask, Leblanc, Leclair, Ledoux, Leland, Lemire, Lennie, Lepine, Letendre, Leville, Lewis, Lillie, Lingan, Linklater, Livingston, Livingstone, Logan, Longmore, Louis, Louise, Loyer, Lucier, Lusted, Lyons, McAllum, McArthur, McAulay, McBeth, McCauley, McChorister, McCollister, McDermot, McDermott, McDonald, McDonell, McDougall, McEwan, McEwen, McFarland, McGillis, McGillivray, McIntosh, McIntyre, McIvor, McKay, McKenney, McKenzie, McKinnon, McKnight, McLaughlin, McLean, McLenna, McLeod, McMillan, McMurray, McNab, McPhail, McPherson, McQueen, McRae, McTavish, McVicar, Mageau, Mainville, Malaterre, Marion, Martin, Mason, Massey, Matheson, Meaver, Mercredie, Merriam, Miles, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Moar, Moberly, Monkman, Montour, Moore, Moran, Morand, Morgan, Morin, Morrison, Morrisseau, Morwick, Mowat, Mowatt, Muir, Munro, Munroe, Murray, Nabes, Nadeau, Nault, Nisbet, Nolin, Norn, Norquay, Norris, Noyes, Ogden, Omand, Oram, Ouellette, Page, Pambrun, Pangman, Paquette, Paquin, Parenteau, Parisian, Parisien, Park, Paterson, Paul, Peebles, Pelletier, Penrose, Perreault, Peterson, Petit-Coteau, Phillips, Philpott, Piche, Plante, Pocha, Poison-Blanc, Poitras,Polson, Pratt, Prince, Pritchard, Pruden, Puttenaude, Racette, Rainville, Reid, Richard, Richrds, Rickards, Riel, Rivard, Robbilard, Robertson, Robinson, Ross, Rowand, Rowland, Roy, Ruiet, Rundle, Sabiston, Salois, Salter, Sanderson, Sansregret, Sargent, Saucier, Sauve, Savoyard, Sayers, Schmidt, Scott, Settee, Setter, Shannon, Sherlock, Sherwood, Short, Simpson, Sinclair, Sissons, Slater, Small, Smith, Spence, Spencer, St. Cyr, St. Denis, St. Germain, Stalker, Steele, Steinhauer, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stuart, Sutherland, Swain, Swanson, Tait, Tanner, Tate, Taylor, Templeton, Thibert, Thomas, Thompson, Thorne, Todd, Tourand, Traill, Trottier, Truthwaite, Turcotte, Turner, Vandal, Vandale, Vandall, Vandel, Venne, Vermett, Versailles, Villebrun, Villeneuve, Vincent, Vivier, Voller, Ward, Waugh, Welsh, Wentzel, Whimpster, White, Whiteway, Whitford, Wilison, Wilkie, Wills, Winter, Wishart, Wood, Work, Wylie, Yale, Young and Zace.

Source of Acquisition:
Purchased from Charles Denney, 1985, and gift of the Alberta Genealogical Society, Edmonton Branch, 2003-2005.

The material is in English.

Originals and Reproductions:
M 7144 also available on microfilm.

Card files are restricted for conservation reasons, but a microfilm copy is available.

Finding Aids:
Inventory available. Please consult before requesting material.

View finding aid / scanned documents:

Other Charles Denney papers are held by the Provincial Archives of Alberta. Another copy of the Family History files (with updates added by Denney and researchers) is held at the Alberta Genealogical Society, Edmonton Branch Library.

Call Numbers:
(M=manuscript; N&P=photos; R=sound recordings; S=slides; F=films)
M 7144, M 8981, Microfilm Denney

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