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Petroleum Industry Oral History Project fonds

1981-1991, predominant 1981-1985

Physical Description:
800 audio cassettes. -- 2.37 m of textual records. -- 203 photographs

The Petroleum Industry Oral History Project developed from a proposal by Aubrey Kerr in 1980 to record the memories of significant individuals in the Canadian petroleum industry. He made application for funds to the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation and other organizations which provided money to hire first Jack Peach, and later Betty Cooper, as interviewers. A steering committee consisting at various times of Trudy Cowan, William McKee, Douglas Cass, William McLellan, Jack Porter and Anthony Rasporich provided administration for the project. An advisory committee consisting of Aubrey Kerr, 1915-2008, , Don Redman, 1918-, Jack Browning, 1917-, Spi Langston, 1911-1993, Margaret Helliwell, and Jack Wegh, 1923-, provided technical assistance. A new application for funding to the Devonian Foundation resulted in a larger project in 1983. Jim Wood was hired as coordinator-interviewer and Nadine Mackenzie and Susan Birley as interviewers. Prospective interviewees were suggested by the advisory committee, funding agencies, professional associations and interviewees themselves. This phase continued until the funds were expended in 1985. At the end of the first phase the Petroleum History Society was established. After 1985 Aubrey Kerr, assisted by Jean McLaws, continued to interview oil industry pioneers. In 1999 a second phase of the project was initiated, and in 2011 a third phase. For further information see Susan Birley's article "Oral history : An Industrial Approach" in Alberta Museums Review, vol. 10, no. 1 (Spring 1985), p. 18-22.

Scope and Content:
The collection consists of recorded interviews with individuals involved in the petroleum industry; interviewee files containing correspondence, interview outlines, and some transcripts; and photographs and supplementary biographical information (some dating back to 1958) provided by the interviewees.
THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS WERE INTERVIEWED. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Harold Acheson, Harry Alger, Bill Allen, Geoff Andrews, John Andrichuk, Jean Angus, Ray Anthony, Ralph Archibald, Jack Armstrong, Eric Atkinson, Ivor Aune, W.L. "Pete" Atkinson, Don Axford, Herb Bagnall, Andy Baillie, John Ballachey, John Bishop Ballem, Ed Baltrusaitis, Ray Barker, Charles B. Barlow, Ed Barroll, Ted Baugh, Peter Bawden, Paul Bedard, Peter Bediz, Elmer Berlie, Ted Best, Tiny Bevans, Doris Bingham, Don Binney, Swede Black, Mark Blain, Denis Blakeman, George Blundun, Cal Bohme, Wilf Bowe and Audrey Bowe, A.P. Bowsher, Bob Brinkerhoff, Doug Brown, R.A. Brown, R.S. "Spike" Brown, Jack Browning, Bun Burggren, Doug Cairns, Fred Calverley, Thelma Cameron, Don Campau, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (news feature and radio documentary), Harry Carlyle, Lyle Caspell, Alex Chaba, Nancy Chaba, S.K. Chakravorty, Carl Chapman, Bill Charles, Larry Chekerda, Norm Christie, CKUA Radio (documentary), Bill Clemis, C.E. Cleveland, Vi Coates, Gordon Connell, Eugene Cook, Bert Corey, Si Cormack, Steve Cosburn, Pierre Cote, Roger Couture, Ian Crawford, Colin Crickmay, Marshall Crowe, Sterling Davies, Marion de Chastelain, George de Mille, Mary Dickson, Walter Dingle, John Downing, Ian Drum, Jim Drumheller, Charlie Dunkley, Ralph Edie, Garnet Edwards, Robert Engberg, Oscar Erdman, Paul Evans, Jim Ewasiw, Art Feldmeyer, Ralph Flanders, Eve Forry, Glenn Fox, Larry Frantz, Bill Friley, Paul Fuenning, Mel and Lila Fulton, George Furnival, Bob Galbraith, Jack Gallagher, Ed Galvin, Elmer Gavel, Eveyn Gavel, Alvin Geddes, Ian Gehman, Ken Germond, Kelly Gibson, Marjorie Gibson, Sheldon Gibson, Willis Gibson, D.P. Goodall, Jack Goodman, Jack Goth, George Govier, George Grant, David Gray, Earle Gray, John Gray, Art Greene and Gertie Greene, Paul Greenwood, Jean Grieg, P.R."Bob" Grier, W.C. "Bill" Gussow, Paul Guthrie, Conrad O. Hage, Don Hall, E.T. "Jeep" Hall, Sophie Halwa, Willis Hancock, Stan Harding, Don Harvie, Jack Harvie, Dallas Hawkins, John Hawrelko, John Homer Hayden, Cecil "Harry" Heath, M. Helliwell, Alex Hemstock, Emily Hemstock, Gerry Henderson, Joe Henry, W.S. Herron Jr., Charles Hetherington, Tom Hicks, Fred Hildenbrand, E. Ben Hochhausen, Polly Holden, Harley Hotchkiss, Al Howes, Michael Hriskevich, John Hrynchuk, Walter Hrynchuk, C. Warren Hunt, Harry Hunter, Vern Hunter, Allan Insley, Jim Irwin, John Jackson, Marg James, Bernard Jeffrey, Kay Jeffrey, George Jones, Gordon Jones, Stan Kanik, Ernest Kennedy, Maxine Kerber, Aubrey Kerr, Fred Kidd, Tom Kimmett, Jim Kimura, Stu King, Bill Kinghorn, Howard Kirk, George Kiyooka, Margaret Knode, Labby Laberge, E.H. "Eddie" Laborde, Ed Lakusta, Helen Lakusta, Ed Lambert, Spi Langston, Jim Larmour, James Law, Douglas Layer, Louis Lebel, Charles Lee, Hugh Leiper, D.E. "Ed" Lewis, Fin Lineham, Jim Lineham, Jim Livingstone, Bill Lockhart, Diane Loranger, Jim Lukes, Alice Lukes, Jack MacCalder, Emily Mackay, Gordon Mackay, Hugh MacKenzie, W.D.C. "Don" Mackenzie, Roy Harry MacMillan, Gerry Maier, Mary Malowany, Frank Manyluk, Jim Marcinko, Paul Marshall, Jim McCaskill, Rod McDaniel, D.P. McDonald, William D. McDonald, Bill McGregor, Fran McInnis, Don McIvor, , Bill McKellar, Fred McKinnon, Norma McNeill, Horace Meech, Archie Miller, Jack Minchin, Lew Minkler, David Mitchell, Hoadley Mitchell, Carl Moore, Paul Moseson, J.V. "Tip" Moroney, Jean Morris, William F. Mugler, Scovil Murray, Clair Nabors, Reg Nelson, Matt Newell, C. B. Newmarch, Carl Nickle, Arne Nielsen, Trajan Nitescu, Lauder Nowers, Ralph Oborne, Carl Olson, Jack Orman, Ben Owre and Elsie Owre, Ernest Pallister, E.O. Parry, Victor Pasemko, Raymund Paterson, Maurice Paulson, Stan Pearson, David Penner, John Pettinger, W.A. Phillips, Jack Pierce, Mary Pope, Mel Pope, Jack Porter, Frank Pow, Percy Powers, John Poyen, Vladimir Pyrcz, Gilbert Raasch, Wes Rabey, Gordon Rae, Mel Reasoner, Don Redman, Bill Roliff, Rudy Roloff, Alastair Ross, Yvonne Royer, Mary Sawka, Charles Schock, Jim Scott, Bob Sears, Ernie Shaw, Charlie Shipp, Clark Siferd, Hubert Somerville, Bobby Sparrow, Jack Stabback, Jim Stafford, Lloyd Stafford, David Stauft, Peter Stauft, Charles Stelck, Bill Stuart, Bonnie Sturrock, Hans Suter, Kathleen Taylor, Nick Taylor, Vern Taylor, Ann Knode Tharp, Jim Tod, Ben Toone, R. & N. Torguson, George Tosh, Ed Tovell, Ray Tull, Louise, Tull, Helen Turgeon, Mary Pandachuk Turner, Bill Twaits, Arie van der Lee, Murray Varty, David Vipond, Leo Vladicka, Len Walker, Bruce Watson, Jack Walper, Tom Wark, Jim Warke, C.T. "Bill" Webb, Gordon Webster, Harry Webster, Jack Wegh, Don Weir, Joe Weiss and Elsie Weiss, Bob Welch, Sid Weller, R.T.D. Wickenden, Giles Wilderman, Don Wilkin, Kitty Wilkins, Norm Wilkinson, Ralph Will, Lloyd Wilson, Lewis Workman, John Yeo and James Ziegler.

Source of Acquisition:
Gift of Petroleum Industry Oral History Project and Aubrey Kerr, 1981-1991.

The material is in English.

Finding Aids:
Inventory available. Please consult before requesting material.

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Call Numbers:
(M=manuscript; N&P=photos; R=sound recordings; S=slides; F=films)
M-6807, PA-2714 through PA-2800, RCT-332 through RCT-873, RCT-979

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