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Irrigation Research Project (W.L. Jacobson) collection

Compiled 1959-1964 (originally created 1878-1964)

Physical Description:
6.5 m of textual records. -- 2412 photographs. -- 77 audio cassettes. -- 1 transcription disc

This collection was compiled by W.L. Jacobson, a Glenbow Archives staff member, who was commissioned to gather information pertaining to irrigation, dry land farming, water conservation and irrigation pioneers in Alberta.

Scope and Content:
The collection consists of research files and photographs regarding irrigation projects, irrigation companies and districts, government irrigation projects, and general irrigation development. Includes extensive biographical files on, and interviews with, individuals involved in irrigation and dryland farming.
RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS ARE ALSO IN THIS COLLECTION. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Mrs. W. Acheson, Aetna Irrigation District, Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company, Heber S. Allen, Carl J. Anderson, George G. Anderson, John W. Anderson, E.S. Archibald, Donald H. Bark, Belly River, Robert Black, William G. Boch, George Boese, P. Turner Bone, Bow River, Alec J. Branch, Theodore Brandley, George S. Brown, John G. Brown, William A. Buchanan, Frank R. Burfield, Ralph J. Burley, Calgary Irrigation Company., Canada Land and Irrigation Company, Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), C.O. Card, Hobart R. Carscallen, Henry C. Cavan, Adelbert Cazier, Charles Chalmers, L.C. Charlesworth, H.L. Chellenden, Chester Clendenning, James Colley, A.B. Cook, Carl C. Cook, Trueman W. Crofts, Frederick G. Cross, Sir James Currie, Cypress Hills Water Users Association, Hon. Thomas M. Daly, Samuel S. Dunham, Orvey J. Davidson, John S. Dennis, Colin Dewhurst, Col. Edward S. Doughty, Edward F. Drake, drought, Ducks Unlimited, East Central Irrigation Association, Eastend Irrigation Project, Eastern Irrigation District, E.E. Eisenhauer, T.M. Evans, Ewing Commission, William H. Fairfield, John D. Fairless, Federal Irrigation Branch, Phil A. Fetterly, Franklin P. Fisher, Hugh H. Forster, Wallace L. Foss, Edward W. Foster, Stanley H. Frame, Edwin N. Francis, Merritt H. French, Elliott T. Galt, James G. Gardiner, Charles H. Griffin, Reuben P. Gilchrist, John Glenn, Golden Valley Irrigation Farm, Gordon royal commission, Arthur M. Grace, E. Leslie Gray, W.D. Gray, Augustus Griffin, Colen G. Groff, Walter Huckvale, Alvin Hamilton, James F. Hamilton, J.A. Hammer, F.W. Hanna, Herbert Hargrave, Levi Harker, Stanley H. Hawkins, David W. Hays, Albert Helmer, Lawrence E. Helmer, Mark Higdon, J.D. Higinbotham, A. Hildenbrand, Sir Charles E. Hobhouse, A.B. Hogg, Sidney Hooper, Gavin N. Houston, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Hunt, W.B. Hutcheson, George H. Hutton, International Joint Commission, D.B. Irvine, L.A. Irvine, Irrigation Development Association, Percy J. Jennings, Christian Jensen, Ernie King, Jesse Knight, A.B. Koole, Sir Ronald B. Lane, Leavitt Irrigation District, Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District, Little Bow Irrigation District, M.F. Ronald Lloyd, Harold G. Long, O.S. Longman, Joseph S. Low, R.W. MacIntyre, Gordon L. Mackenzie, Charles A. Magrath, Magrath Irrigation District, Nelson Malm, Mark Mann, George Marnoch, M.H. Marshall, Charles McCarthy, J.J. McDermott, G.J. McGavin, James McGregor, J.G. McIntosh, William H. McIntyre, John W. McLane, Archibald J. McLean, B.R. McMullen, Medicine Hat Eastern Irrigation District, Meek Committee, Victor Meek, Milk River, W. St. John Miller, J.C. Milligan, Harold Minor, T.M. Montague, Leslie Monroe, Charles M. Moore, Mountain View Irrigation District, H.B. Muckleson, Peter L. Naismith, New Dayton Irrigation District, New West Irrigation District, North Saskatchewan River, Oldman River, Charles E. Oliver, Asael E. Palmer, Passpasschase (reserve), Park Lake, Gilbert H. Patrick, William Pearce, Frederick W. Pearson, Hugh E. Pearson, Frederick H. Peters, Charles W. Peterson, Pioneer Irrigation Project, Richard W. Pilling, Lord William Plender, Sam E. Porter, Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA), Charles Raley, Raymond Irrigation District, Red Deer River, Redcliff-Ronalane Irrigation Project, J.J. Ririe, M. Elmer Ririe, Roi Risinger, Robbins Irrigation Company, Isaac B. Roberts, Ross Ranch, Benjamin Russell, William F. Russell, Saskatchewan-Alberta Irrigation Association, Penrose M. Sauder, B.J. Saunders, Charles E. Saunders, Sevenpersons Creek, Hugh K. Shaw, Maltman Shaw, sheep, H.G. Sidenius, James Small, Dewey Smith, James Snape, William H. Snelson, Souris River Estevan Project, South Alberta Water Conservation Council, South Macleod Irrigation District, South Saskatchewan River, George Spence, J. Arthur Spencer, Springbank Irrigation Project, John Stewart, St. Mary and Milk Rivers Project, John Stocko, Robert S. Stockton, George L. Stringham, Norman M. Sutherland, J. Sutton, Taber Irrigation District, Frank R. Taylor, John W. Taylor, John S. Tempest, George Baden Thomson, Leonard B. Thomson, William Toole, United Irrigation District, John Vallance, Vauxhall Farm Management Studies, George A. Walker, G.D. Walters, Waterton River, Western Canada Irrigation Association, Western Canada Reclamation Association, Western Irrigation District, Arthur O. Wheeler, Major Tait White, Widstoe Commission, John A. Widstoe, Wild Horse Project, G.F. Willan, Thomas Wotherspoon, and Isaac Zacharias.

The material is in English.

No restrictions on access.

Finding Aids:
Inventory available. Please consult before requesting material.

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Call Numbers:
(M=manuscript; N&P=photos; R=sound recordings; S=slides; F=films)
M-3760, M-3761, PA-1102, PB-315, PD-99, PE-40, NA-2108, RCD-3, RCT-90, RET-28

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