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Peoples of Southern Alberta Oral History Project collection


Physical Description:
347 audio cassettes. -- ca. 60 cm of textual records. -- 80 photographs

The Peoples of Southern Alberta Oral History Project was initiated by the Research Centre for Canadian Ethnic Studies at the University of Calgary under Dr. Howard Palmer. The Research Centre and the Glenbow Museum jointly applied for funds from the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation and the Secretary of State to interview members of ethnic groups in southern Alberta, largely in the city of Calgary. 151 interviews were conducted with individuals from the Tibetan, Swiss, Austrian, German, Slovak, Italian, Finnish, Mennonite, Filipino, Hungarian, Portuguese, Mormon, Japanese, Danish, Norwegian, Belgian, Chilean, Czech, Polish, and Greek communities. The project was supervised by Joanna Buhr and Howard Palmer with assistance from Douglas Cass.

Scope and Content:
The collection consists of recorded interviews with individuals from ethnic communities, alphabetical files containing tape outlines and summaries, and photographs donated or loaned for copying in conjunction with the project.
THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS WERE INTERVIEWED. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Ruth Aakerberg, Milan Ac, Monika Adler, Ingrid Ameli, Ken Anderson, Tracey Anderson, Gerhard Bartel, Hedwig Bartling, Riccardo Bezzegato, Freda Bigelow, Raymond Blasetti, Helen Blomme, Max Brandstaetter, Tina Brandstaetter, Heidi Budeicky, Adrian Bussoli, Jerry Capatos, Antonina Chastek, T.C. Lynn Chazatsang, Patricia Cadiz, David Colonna, Jose Costa, Zuppe D'Amico, Lobsang Dargyay, Vincent Davoli, Lucila de Obieta, Valentim Dorge de Freitas, Carla del Valle, Dechen Dorjee, Gendun Dorjee, Gunnar Dresen, George Dudley, Reed Ellison, Susan Epp, Gerhard Erler, Hedy Ernst, Al Esligar, Usschi Esligar, Guiseppe Fanella, Maria Fanella, Pinto Ferriera, Ulrike Fielden, Rose Flemish, Michael Foldessy, Karol Forgac, Ron Francis, Helen Friesen, Violeta Gallardo, Frank Geider, Helen Gerlitz, Vincenzo Girimonte, Martha Gomez, Irma Goudreau, Magdalena Grafenauer, Irene Hancharyk, P. Heidebrecht, Alexander Heikkila, J. Heinikainen, Hans Heller, Aiga Helmer, H. Horstia, Toni Iavasile, Rudy Janssen, Signe Jasperson, Harry Jensen, Lobsang Kabar, Norbu Khangsar, Ena Kinna, Alfons Koltes, Michael Komlodi, L. Komulainen, Kauko Korvelo, Kay Koyanagi, August Kubek, L. Kunelius, Valerie Lee, Brian Lektsog, Paulo Lestinho, Frank Lucente, E. Luoma, Jack Maier, Anna Mandaione, Jorge Mansilla, Gloria Marin, Mattson, Barbara Matyas, Ralph Meldrum, Valborg and Erik Moller, Maria Mosca, Tona Omaha, Inger Olsen, Frank Opatril, Mrs. Frank Opatril, Lillian Ost, Tom Paikos, Fritz Painsi, Tashi Parsur, Pasang, Morten Pederson, Rose Pelyhe, Pernas, Anna Petro, Mary Perks, Elda Pettitt, Elizabeth Pinter, Milka Ponjavic, R. Ratzlaff, Angelina Rebaudengo, Ricardo Recabarren, Myrta Reyes, Paul Robinson, Alberto Romano, A. Rompotti, Luis A. Romualdez, Kesang Samchok, Sonam Samchok, Tsultrim Samchok, Italo Sartorio, A. Sawatsky, Paul Schau, Horst Schmid, Werner Schmidt, Liselotte Schwab, Tenzin and Kunsang Sheka, Pier Siccardi, A. Sippola, Seija Sippola, A. Siren, Paul Siska, Harry Skov, Gerald Snow, Clifford Solberg, Cecylia Solikoski, Klaus Springer, Stephanie Starr, Arthur Stenby, Phyllis Strocher, Marta Styk, Irma Tamminen, Juha Tamminen, Bill Thiessen, S. Thorkman, Tibetan Youth Association, Clemente Tigley Jr., Cornelius Toews, Nyingkho Topgyal, Thinley Topgyal, Carl Trettler, Peter Ulanday, Luis Emilio Urra, Tony and Nino Valerio, Carlos Verger, Marcel and Maria Verheyden, Laura Veira, Charles and Lena Violini, Axel and Ellen Wade, Bertha Walz, Werner Weerts, Wilheln Wiegele, Robert Wilde, Ewa Wojcicki and Burns Wood.

Source of Acquisition:
Gift of Peoples of Southern Alberta Oral History Project, 1987-1991.

The material is in English.

No restrictions on access.

Finding Aids:
Inventory available. Please consult before requesting material.

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Call Numbers:
(M=manuscript; N&P=photos; R=sound recordings; S=slides; F=films)
M 8279, RCT 727, RCT 728, RCT 729, RCT 730, RCT 731, RCT 732, RCT 733, RCT 734, RCT 735, RCT 736, RCT 737, RCT 738, RCT 739, RCT 740, RCT 741, RCT 742, RCT 743, RCT 744, RCT 746, RCT 747, RCT 748, RCT 749, RCT 750, RCT 754, RCT 755, RCT 756, RCT 757, RCT 758, RCT 759, RCT 760, RCT 761, RCT 762, RCT 763, RCT 764, RCT 765, RCT 766, RCT 767, RCT 768, RCT 773, RCT 774, RCT 776, RCT 777, RCT 778, RCT 779, RCT 780, RCT 787, RCT 788, RCT 789, RCT 792, RCT 794, RCT 795, RCT 796, RCT 798, RCT 800, RCT 801, RCT 802, RCT 805, RCT 806, RCT 807, RCT 808, RCT 809, RCT 810, RCT 811, RCT 812, RCT 813, RCT 814, RCT 815, RCT 816, RCT 817, RCT 818, RCT 821, RCT 822, RCT 823, RCT 824, RCT 825, RCT 829, RCT 830, RCT 832, RCT 833, RCT 834, RCT 835, RCT 836, RCT 837, RCT 838, RCT 839, RCT 840, RCT 841, RCT 842, RCT 843, RCT 844, RCT 845, RCT 846, RCT 847, RCT 848, RCT 850, RCT 854, RCT 855, RCT 856, RCT 857, RCT 858, RCT 865, NA-5170, NA-5171, NA-5172, NA-5173, NA-5174, NA-5175, NA-5226, NA-5230, NA-5293, NA-5394, PA-3253, PA-3254, PA-3262

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